The Bateman Story

History of the Store

George Bateman opened G.W. Bateman Jewellers in October of 1945 at 122    20th Street East.  George had recently returned home from overseas after serving six years in the Canadian Armed Forces during World War II as an instrument technician.

In 1948 after working for George and G.W.Bateman Jewellery for some time George and Millie were married.  In 1954 George opened a second store in the Senator Hotel on 21st street.  In 1981 he opened a third location in Melfort.  Bateman Jewellers reputation became the store with the largest assortment of diamonds and watches in Saskatoon and the most up-to-date repair departments.

Then in 1992 Marilyn (Bateman) Lorman and her husband Ken, purchased Bateman Jewellers from her father George.  In 1995 the store moved from its location on 20th street to its current location at 234 2nd Avenue South the old Dowding Building. This gave them more space and the ownership of the building.

February 2004 became a turning point for Marilyn and Bateman Jewellers. While traveling to a jewellery show in Edmonton with a co-worker, Marilyn was involved in a serious car accident. Although she continued to work during her recovery, she found it difficult, which led to them selling the store and retiring to B.C. 

Prior to moving however, Marilyn sought a buyer for Bateman’s which lead to discussions with Cam Kripki, who had been working for Bateman’s since 1991. Cam was eager to purchase the store from Marilyn given his education in gemology and watch repair. Years of experience working at Bateman’s and his belief that it is a good store with lots of potential. In mid 2004, Cam and his long time customer/private supplier for Bateman’s, John Scarfe, started conversations about a partnership to buy the store. John also has a gemology background, he believed in the potential of Bateman’s and its good reputation. In March 2005, Cam, his wife Janice, John and his wife Laurie became business partners. Then in December 2011 we had the unfortuneate passing of Laurie Brower John's wife. By 2015 John was earger to try his hand at another venture.  In January 2016 John sold his shares in the company to Cam and Jan Kripki who are now the sole proprietors.  John still continues to have a good working relationship with the partners and we wish him the best in his new ventures.

Bateman Jewellers is the oldest independent jewellery store in Saskatoon serving four generations of families. It has had a few changes since 1945 but what has not changed is its reputation in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. It continues to have one of the largest assortments of diamonds and watches in Saskatoon and is building its reputation for custom made jewellery.